Thursday, March 11, 2010

03/10/2010 - Kneeling

The other day, I got a bunch of sketchbooks and materials from Mike Vosberg. (BTW... Thanks Mike!) Which got a quick thumb through, because I was busy, and set aside for later perusal.

Last night I had a little time to get back into my drawing a day (failed) challenge. I had spent the last couple of days drawing cartoon dinosaurs for and animated commercial and I was dry for sketch ideas. So I reached for the Vosberg Sketchbooks and started flipping. First let me say that Mike Vosberg has some really nice sketchbooks and i encourage others to check them out, and second, I stopped on a piece by him which inspired my magic reds to work. It was a simple shot of a girl, from behind, kneeling with her hands behind her back and fingers intertwined. So.. I took my own stab at it, throwing some of my own personality at it.

Thanks Mike for the inspiration! (


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  1. Joel,

    Without question, your interpretation of Vosburgs "kneeling" pose is genius to say the least.

    I don't believe your daily challenge is a failure at all. If it is challenging and motivating you to work on these types of pieces, I don't consider this a failure. One great piece everyday is worth an ok piece that is posted every day.

    So, keep pushing forward!