Sunday, January 31, 2010

01/31/2010 - Zatanna

I was gonna give her fishnets.. then I flashed back to some pieces I did for NUDE Magazine in fishnets.. Then I saw my time running out.. then said... NAh!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

01/30/2010 - Scarlet Witch

She's got a bit of a funky finger thing going.. Maybe that is how the magic works. ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010

01/29/2010 - Lil Trigger Armageddon

One of my own characters created for My Lilz line. It was just supposed to be a goof off one shot thing but I am having a lot of fun with it. Gonna be doing lots more of her.. Maybe even a story..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

01/28/2010 - Billy Tucci's "Shi"

Day 27 in the drawing a day challenge. Shi is a character created by William Tucci for his Crusade Comics.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

01/27/2010 - Rogue classic

The original Rogue. The Marvel Universe changes looks so often , you can't tell with many titles who is who anymore. Different artists take over a title and jerk off all over it trying to claim some piece of it.. "Oh, did you see my redesign of Jean Grey??". Maybe that is why Wonder Woman will always be more identifiable that any Marvel female. This is close enough to the original Michael Golden - Rogue

That said.. I will probably in many cases when the inspiration hits, do my own revamps of characters... :)

Below is something else I worked on tonight. I inked this piece for Lee Kohse at Bloodfire studios. This past summer I inked part of an issue of Kindergoth, this is a promotional piece.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

01/26/2010 - No time left!

Long story but I only had less than an hour to get something in tonight. My job kept me busy all day and evening today. But I did manage when I was do, to sketch something directly into the computer with my Wacom. Saved a tree right.. Remember.. This is just a 30 minute sketch.

Monday, January 25, 2010

01/25/2010 - Nik's Bum Bum

One thing I am not liking about the drawing a day concept is that some pieces like this, I wish I had spent more time on. Maybe I will stick to comicbook characters, and stuff I don't care about.

Thinking maybe I should have saved this for NUDE Magazine.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

01/24/2010 - Lil Elvira

I went kinda simple tonight. I have an infection in my eyelid that finally ruptured today. It is brutally painful and I was almost gonna skip my piece for tonight.. but...

BTW. Some comments are coming to me about the Black Berry photo's in my blog. I do not as of yet have a scanner at home.. I am getting the money together for a large format scanner for at home but they are a bit expensive. So the only scanner I have to use is the one in my office. Because the challenge is to have a drawing a day, I don't want to wait for the next morning to get a piece up. So I post the phone pics until I get replace it with a scan. Usually it is the next day. Weekends are sometimes a wait, but sometime I work so I can get scans in. Ultimately I always get a scan up.

Going to pack some ice on my eye.. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

01/23/2010 - Black Widow

The Black Widow. Not thrilled with her mouth. Was supposed to be pursing her lips forward a bit, but it is not happening well. Next time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

01/22/2010 - After Frazetta

This is based on a piece by Frank Frazetta and was more of a practice piece where I modeled it more after my friend Nikki than I did an actual Frazetta girl. Not sure I am all that happy with it. I may work on it some more at some point, or maybe even do it over... On better paper.

Better scans to come.. Sorry, I don't have a scanner at home

Thursday, January 21, 2010

01/21/2010 - Powergirl XL

Powergirl.. and then some.. This piece makes 20 days so far, which is nothing to Gene Gonzales who is 3+ years into his sketch a day adventure.

got into this with me are still going strong So far the original 3 (Buzz, Sal and myself) who started this challenge are going strong and are now joined by a few others of Facebook.

I think this is a good point to show some of the other work going on.

Buzz is a long time friend and comicbook artist. He is also a driving force in getting me off my lazy ass and getting some work done.

01/08/2010 Buzz - Cowboy BeBop
01/09/2010 Buzz - The Shadow
01/18/2010 Buzz - Rom Spaceknight

I will try to get Sal's work in tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01/20/2010 - Troia

This character has been redone so many times.. I miss the original Nick Cardy with the shorts and ponytail. "Wonder Chic". I went back to a #2 secretary pencil for this.. It came out ok but I really missed my red pencils during it. Gotta get back on Lilz tomorrow... Have lots of inking and coloring to do but I will try to have a new sketch.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

01/19/2010 - Catwoman

Put a little more time into this... about a day. I don't ink much of my work unless it is for PSP Tubes, but I thought as I was working on this that I could ink it.. Thats what took so long.

Monday, January 18, 2010

01/17/2010 - Lil Chun Li and Cammy

Barely got this in before Midnight.. The Internet went down at the studio today so most of the web work I had to do today, I had to do when I got home. I still may tighten this up at a later date before it goes into the sketchbook.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

01/17/2010 - Lil Armageddon Cheerleader

No.. This has nothing to do with all the football games today, nor that some tv station is doing a marathon of "Just bring It" Movies..

I did two Lil Cheerleaders a few years back. One a devil girl, the other an angel and I called them the Lil Armageddon Cheerleader (Which side is cheering for you?). Well, they were popular and I have been meaning to add to the "squad".

I went straight from sketch to ink on this one so there is no red pencil.

I will update the scans on Monday

Saturday, January 16, 2010

01/16/2010 - More Fae

Was a very busy day today and I am still out of town. Wasn't feeling well enough to try to get the scanner set up so... BlackBerry pic!.. Will add a scan on Moday

*New Scan Added 01/25/2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

01/15/2010 - Ann in nets

Out of town and spent part of the day in court, but I did manage to get this in. Thank God I had reference to work from. An old photograph I had taken of my friend Ann in fishnets. Good thing there is a scanner here because I am sick of Blackberry photos

Traveling tomorrow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

01/14/2010 - Darna VS Wonder Woman

So the other day I commented "Who is Darna" because I had just seen a clip from some movie or TV show from the Philippines. It had a hot girl dress in a very Wonder Woman'esq outfit on, beating up men, flying and bouncing bullets off her bracelets.. Well, Darna is apparently a big deal in the Philippines. She is the creation of comicbook artist Mars Ravelo. Darna has over time been the subject of comic books, TV series and movies and seems to be as popular there and Superman is in the US.

Now Mars apparrenly doesn't like the comparison of Darna to Wonder Woman, and once you research the character, yes, she is different, but it doesn't help avoid the comparisons when Darna deflects bullets with her armbands like Wonder Woman.. But again, once you look into the character, they are different..


Anyway.. this was Darna VS Wonder Woman. I wont pick a winner.. That is not the fun part.

I am going to be away for the next few days making it tough to do my next days drawing.. I will find away.. I am bringing a scanner and my laptop.. Finding time and a comfortable place to work may be hard. Maybe it's be a drawing on a napkin at Denny's? There are no rules afterall

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

01/13/2010 - For my CILM'ers

For those who don't know, CILM is a company that sells the rights for people to use my work to create what are called Signature Tags on the Internet.. Don't know what a signature tag is.. If you have a Myspace page or most other community boards, and have a comments area, I'll bet it is littered with them and I'll bet most have at least one with my work on it... anyway... I am getting together a new pack of art to make available, and my Lil Fae are among my most popular images. The images will be inked and colored from this point, but I keep the pencils for sales.

This weekend I have to travel out of town to testify in court.. It will be interesting to see if I make my daily deadline. Crossed fingers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

01/12/2010 - Believe it or not.....

Ok.. Here is the real challenge to this particular drawing... Get it to completion without being driven mad by the TV show theme song.. I am gonna have to spend the night with my Ipod on drumming out this friggin song.

Funny thing is, while working on it.. I had thought that I was just doing a female version of the "Greatest American Hero" only to find out that they had shot a pilot for the "Greatest American Heroine"..

Gotta get this song outta my head...

By the way.. Who is Darna?.. OMG!

Monday, January 11, 2010

01/11/2010 - Lil Fae

Back to Lilz for a while.. I need to get some work done for CILM. I haven't turned in a pack since July.. So probably more Lil Fae over the next few days... maybe some other odd ones in between..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

01/10/2010 - She Devil

Finally a little time to have some fun.. I was inspired by a bit of a drawing that Dave Hoover did on DevaintArt today.. A girl with a sword. Similar general pose, but I did my own thing with it. Gave her a bit of muscle so she could swing that big sword of hers. Having taken fencing in High school I know that it takes a bit of strength and endurance to hold even a thin foil out before you.. but a broad sword? That's gonna get heavy.

Gotta get back do doing some Lilz this week.. Business..

Maybe this week I will show some of the work being shown by Buzz and Sal. It is pretty awsome.


PS... Added at the last minute a rough quick sketch I had done that I will probably not be taking any tighter.. at least not for now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

01/09/2010 - Saturday Evening Hack

I had a busy day today, and it wasn't a day of drawing.. Finally home and exhausted, I wanted to get a piece done before I turned in. I had, sitting on my desk, a rough Sketch of Supergirl that I decided to work on. I think if I had to work completely from scratch, I wouldn't have finished. Thank heaven for unfinished sketches

Friday, January 8, 2010

01/08/2010 - Firestar

Another picture from my Blackberry.. Will have better scan of it tomorrow

01/09/2010 - Ok.. I replaced the Blackberry pic with a scan. I need to get a scanner for home.

Another rushed pic. I have a full day of web building and other stuff that didn't involve drawing so there wasn't a lot of time left to get a piece done. Not bad though.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

01/07/2010 - Problem.. Rushing

01/07/2010 So far so good with this drawing a day challenge. Hit my first road bump as it were, and it is something expected. I flew home this morning from New York City so already a chunk of time and energy was torn out of my day. Then when I got here I had work and... 'favors' I needed to work on. Then like an idiot, when my time was my own, I took on a piece that was maybe a little ambitious for the time I had available for my challenge. There are after all no rules other than to post a drawing. I could have drawn a Pokeman on a dinner napkin and it technically would count. but no... I chose a to do my first Nude, like I do for NUDE Magazine.

Now, I don't hate the piece, but I wish I had a little more time with it.. There I lots of areas I might have focused a little more attention on. Like the hair.. I hate it when I am not happy with the hair.

As she is nude, the piece on Facebook will be censored.. No real need here

I am exhausted today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

01/06/2010 - Finally... Better scans

01/06/10 Today is my birthday so not only did I want to make sure that I got good (fair) scans up of the previous pieces, but I wanted to break from the Lilz and do something hot... So I did a comic book style Wonder Woman. Along the way I was a little unsure of myself. If you get used to doing big head stuff, normal heads look almost wrong... but... I am very happy with the results.

On Facebook, a few more artists have joined in on the Drawing a day challenge, when I have a better list I will add links and maybe pieces

I travel back to Los Angeles finally tomorrow so it will be rough getting a new piece for tomorrow, but I will try, and thankfully I will have my own scanners and stuff..

Here's hoping for a safe flight and I'll be back tomorrow.

PS... Apparently we are all biting off of someone else's new years resolution, only thing is... he is 3 years into it now.. Go Check out Gene Gonzales' Blog. I wonder who will be the next to have 3 years... I wonder if someone has more.. We will see....

Below are better scans of the last two pieces

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

01/05/2010 - Still bad scans.. Sorceress

01/05/2010 - The Sorceress. This started out as a sketch for something-else but re-evolved. Wasn't sure I would make it today.. I spent the day at the dentist getting a "scraping". Not fun.. Irratating... Apparently my blood pressure meds are causing issues. So after day 1 of scraping I didn't think I would want to draw, but I wanted less to forefit the challenge.... So here you go.. Until I can scan it better.

Monday, January 4, 2010

01/04/2010 - Nice piece, crappy pic

I hate resorting to my Blackberry for posts... I will have a better scan of this tomorrow. Promise... It is a Lilz version of Captain America. Yes.. It's a girl... I don't like to draw guys... That is not to say I won't draw them.. It just isn't any fun. Not sure what I will have tomorrow. Maybe another lilz.. maybe not

Til then...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

01/03/2010 - Day 2 plus a better scan

Day 2. Feel a little bad, yesterday Sal's drawing was painted, and Buzz turned in three pieces. Today, I was busy and only had time for one piece, then, that was the name of the game. One drawing a day. This one is of DC Comics Jesse Quick, one of the "Flash" family of speedsters. I played a little with the costume.

Below is a better scan of yesterday's piece.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

01/02/2010 The Begining

And so we begin....

I had a New Years resolution. To work on my health and my artistic productivity. I had a goal to try to do a drawing a day for the New Year and see how long I could keep it going consecutively...

Then on face book I saw that my friend Buzz had stated that he too was gonna do a drawing a day for 2010. I joked that he stole the idea from me and he came back with a challenge. And so it began.

So far to my knowledge, three artists, Buzz, Sal Abbinante and myself are part of this challenge, one day one drawing. There are no themes or real conditions other than one day one drawing so I will probably be doing everything from Lilz to comic style to pinup. Officially they will be displayed on Facebook, but I wanted another location to post better images and maybe even offer the images for sale to those who may be interested... Unfortunately for my first submission Lil Wonder Woman, I did not have a scanner available to me so I was forced to take a picture with my Blackberry. I will, when I have a good scanner available, post a better scan. For those not on Facebook, I may here and there show Buzz's and Sal's Submissions as well. Wonder what I will do tomorrow?

Buzz's Facebook
Sal's Facebook
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