Thursday, January 14, 2010

01/14/2010 - Darna VS Wonder Woman

So the other day I commented "Who is Darna" because I had just seen a clip from some movie or TV show from the Philippines. It had a hot girl dress in a very Wonder Woman'esq outfit on, beating up men, flying and bouncing bullets off her bracelets.. Well, Darna is apparently a big deal in the Philippines. She is the creation of comicbook artist Mars Ravelo. Darna has over time been the subject of comic books, TV series and movies and seems to be as popular there and Superman is in the US.

Now Mars apparrenly doesn't like the comparison of Darna to Wonder Woman, and once you research the character, yes, she is different, but it doesn't help avoid the comparisons when Darna deflects bullets with her armbands like Wonder Woman.. But again, once you look into the character, they are different..


Anyway.. this was Darna VS Wonder Woman. I wont pick a winner.. That is not the fun part.

I am going to be away for the next few days making it tough to do my next days drawing.. I will find away.. I am bringing a scanner and my laptop.. Finding time and a comfortable place to work may be hard. Maybe it's be a drawing on a napkin at Denny's? There are no rules afterall

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