Wednesday, January 6, 2010

01/06/2010 - Finally... Better scans

01/06/10 Today is my birthday so not only did I want to make sure that I got good (fair) scans up of the previous pieces, but I wanted to break from the Lilz and do something hot... So I did a comic book style Wonder Woman. Along the way I was a little unsure of myself. If you get used to doing big head stuff, normal heads look almost wrong... but... I am very happy with the results.

On Facebook, a few more artists have joined in on the Drawing a day challenge, when I have a better list I will add links and maybe pieces

I travel back to Los Angeles finally tomorrow so it will be rough getting a new piece for tomorrow, but I will try, and thankfully I will have my own scanners and stuff..

Here's hoping for a safe flight and I'll be back tomorrow.

PS... Apparently we are all biting off of someone else's new years resolution, only thing is... he is 3 years into it now.. Go Check out Gene Gonzales' Blog. I wonder who will be the next to have 3 years... I wonder if someone has more.. We will see....

Below are better scans of the last two pieces


  1. Happy Birthday. THAT is the way Wonder Woman should look. Well done, sir!

  2. I agree with Craig, this IS Wonder Woman. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday! :)