Sunday, January 24, 2010

01/24/2010 - Lil Elvira

I went kinda simple tonight. I have an infection in my eyelid that finally ruptured today. It is brutally painful and I was almost gonna skip my piece for tonight.. but...

BTW. Some comments are coming to me about the Black Berry photo's in my blog. I do not as of yet have a scanner at home.. I am getting the money together for a large format scanner for at home but they are a bit expensive. So the only scanner I have to use is the one in my office. Because the challenge is to have a drawing a day, I don't want to wait for the next morning to get a piece up. So I post the phone pics until I get replace it with a scan. Usually it is the next day. Weekends are sometimes a wait, but sometime I work so I can get scans in. Ultimately I always get a scan up.

Going to pack some ice on my eye.. Enjoy!

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