Wednesday, January 13, 2010

01/13/2010 - For my CILM'ers

For those who don't know, CILM is a company that sells the rights for people to use my work to create what are called Signature Tags on the Internet.. Don't know what a signature tag is.. If you have a Myspace page or most other community boards, and have a comments area, I'll bet it is littered with them and I'll bet most have at least one with my work on it... anyway... I am getting together a new pack of art to make available, and my Lil Fae are among my most popular images. The images will be inked and colored from this point, but I keep the pencils for sales.

This weekend I have to travel out of town to testify in court.. It will be interesting to see if I make my daily deadline. Crossed fingers.

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