Saturday, January 2, 2010

01/02/2010 The Begining

And so we begin....

I had a New Years resolution. To work on my health and my artistic productivity. I had a goal to try to do a drawing a day for the New Year and see how long I could keep it going consecutively...

Then on face book I saw that my friend Buzz had stated that he too was gonna do a drawing a day for 2010. I joked that he stole the idea from me and he came back with a challenge. And so it began.

So far to my knowledge, three artists, Buzz, Sal Abbinante and myself are part of this challenge, one day one drawing. There are no themes or real conditions other than one day one drawing so I will probably be doing everything from Lilz to comic style to pinup. Officially they will be displayed on Facebook, but I wanted another location to post better images and maybe even offer the images for sale to those who may be interested... Unfortunately for my first submission Lil Wonder Woman, I did not have a scanner available to me so I was forced to take a picture with my Blackberry. I will, when I have a good scanner available, post a better scan. For those not on Facebook, I may here and there show Buzz's and Sal's Submissions as well. Wonder what I will do tomorrow?

Buzz's Facebook
Sal's Facebook
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  1. Hey Joel, Actually you all stole my idea. :) I set the same goal Jan. 1 2008 and I am still going without a break. I just started my 3rd year of new art, 7 days a week. Check it out: Once you get into a rhythm and make it part of your workday, it's gets easier. And fun too. Good luck!!!


  2. I've been following Gene's blog for decades [ok, years] and he led me here. Don't worry, I'm not a stalker, just a fan of good art. You post 'em and I'll comment. Sound like a plan?