Thursday, January 21, 2010

01/21/2010 - Powergirl XL

Powergirl.. and then some.. This piece makes 20 days so far, which is nothing to Gene Gonzales who is 3+ years into his sketch a day adventure.

got into this with me are still going strong So far the original 3 (Buzz, Sal and myself) who started this challenge are going strong and are now joined by a few others of Facebook.

I think this is a good point to show some of the other work going on.

Buzz is a long time friend and comicbook artist. He is also a driving force in getting me off my lazy ass and getting some work done.

01/08/2010 Buzz - Cowboy BeBop
01/09/2010 Buzz - The Shadow
01/18/2010 Buzz - Rom Spaceknight

I will try to get Sal's work in tomorrow.


  1. Magnificient! And thanks for posting this with the great scan quality. As a suggestion, you may want to take this approach for pieces in the future. The recent Black Widow and Frazetta pieces are a bit dark and fuzzy. I know better scans may be a bit more work, but it makes a difference in presentation on the blog.

    Otherwise, keep going on the "one a day". Great dedication!


  2. that ROM Spaceknight rendering is awesome! i especially liked the way he did the Dire Wraiths. they're not the easiest aliens to draw.